Return of Dream Mousasi


Gegard Mousasi vs Thiago Santos

Dream Catcher looking to crush another Dream like he use to. This is a big step up for Thiago, no favors are being down for him because it’s Gegard that since getting dusted by Hall has given zero f*$ks about being super patient about his game plan. I think now we will see the Gegard from Strike-force Dream and K-1 and monster that will float on the mat and light fools on fire standing. If Gegard showcases in this fight he gets back in the talks at 185 if not it sky rockets Thiago as the new blood at 185.

The fight can play out in any way Gegard is more technical standing and on the mat but Thiago Santos has more power which makes him dangerous. The danger being so high is a reason why Gegard will probably come out guns blazing like the dude that’s racked up some 38 wins in his career, for goodness sake he fought Mark Hunt people. Punchers chance still stands and that’s a real threat folks a fight is still a fight.


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