Killashaw’s looking for Revenge

 Fight_Night_Boston_Free_Fight_TJ_Dillashaw_vs_Renan_Barao.gif Insider_Training_Camp_Episode_1_Raphael_Assuncao_Part_I_By_Genghis_Con.gif

TJ Dillashaw vs Raphael Assuncao

New TJ with a fully developed Bang Muay Thai system and the closest fight that D Cruz has ever had since DJ, against a Raphael Assuncao who has been off nursing injuries for a grip and we don’t know if his abilities have improved or if hes still the classical Brazilian looking for the power shot with speed and hard nosed BJJ and wrestling or as he turned over another level and gained more weapons because if he hasn’t listen very closely… HE IS IN DEEP TROUBLE.

TJ or Killashaw or whatever you want to call the guy is a monster at 135 Like I have said before he is the divisions Marvelous Marvin Hagler with all the perks of that comparison very technical and looking to switch at every opening for it and his dutch style kick work and combinations and misdirection and and and and, do you get the picture he’s so far removed from the old TJ that nobody can base what he is now on any former loses. TJs grappling is great and his striking is better so good luck. However Raphael has the power the speed and experience to deal with new looks and high level movements just to land his one shot that can end it similar to a Robbie Lawler without the super-hero 5th round wildness. This is a good one for anyone looking for technical brilliance with a real emphasis on offense playing into defense and for a old skool player looking to trade and land some hammers.    


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