I’m Sick Tired Terrified and Numb.

                 Alton Shooting Link

I just watched the video on Quest Loves instagram, the death twitcging is still ingrained in my mind. This is the most sobering video I have ever seen, aside from live combat clips but really what’s the difference. If he had a record or this or that is irrelevant, if he was in possession of a firearm Louisiana is an open carry state so yeah irrelevant. If people justify his death with things from his past, then shouldn’t everyone have the same consequence for an action they did or didnt get away with if thats what we are calling justice.

 The whole series of events was handled at best poorly and ended in the death of a innocent man, a father was taken and more pain has been branded on a community that has been saying this for generations. People will here and see the marches and the civil unrest for awhile and then they will turn away . To that point watch the video all the way through, look at his lifeless body and tell me that is okay. If that was me or my brother or anyone one of the black male friends you grew up with and they did nothing to warrant police involvement in their day would this smear campign of this man be okay? 

Facts are facts he was not involved in an altercation according the store owner, he had purchased a firearm for his own protection against would be criminals, the store owner said he was a community member that was at his store everyday and had caused no problems ever. If this death happened whats stopping me from being on the end of a gun as I come out of the gym store or my home? If you can’t already tell all of us in the black community and community’s of color are terrified for or kids pr wives our uncles and fathers. At this point what happens next will just be a recycling of what has already taken place for decades as far back to my slave born great grandmother, but yet and still I’m considered to be apart of the most dangerous aggresive group in America. This video would beg to differ, I’m sure. 

Signing off from, 

           Picketington Ohio


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