Heavyweight Limbo… Lets Dance


Cain Velasquez vs Travis Browne

One of the real pick’em fights on the 200 card, length and range from Travis with explosive power versus Cain Velasquez on the other hand is a guy with a chin in a half with Roberto Duran style boxing hands. Travis has more kicking explosion while Cain’s hands are faster and more accurate. Can can take it to the mats when he gets inside, while Travis will look to do the Werdum play call by using Muay Thai from length and pick can apart. This is only 3 rounds so Cains cardio advantage may not play a role unless he pushes from the start at 100%.

This is the limbo fight at heavyweight that plays a big role in the following landscape and with a Cain loss the old guard effectively gets put to the end of the top 10 with those up incomers on top from 5 to the current champion. Stipe vs Overeem and with a Travis Browne win over Cain he gets shot to the top right along the other younger giants. Who knows who wins Travis hasn’t looked great lately but that doesn’t mean that the 200 card won’t light a major fire under him that brings out that world beater.  


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