This is Gonna be a SHOW STOPPA

 Claudia_Gadelha_TUF_23_Finale_Open_Workout.gif Joanna_Jedrzejczyk_TUF_23_Finale_Open_Workout.gif


Claudia vs Joanna

Okay I have already done a write up on this but after seeing the  workouts this fight might be the best of the whole 200 week. Claudia looks leaner than she ever has and faster than I have ever seen her as well as demonstrating faster movements in the space in between strikes as well as using more high level combination work as well as superior fundamentals. This is a different 3.0 Claudia I feel like this isn’t going to be plodding old skool Muay Thai style but more fleet almost Aldo with better defense and smoother boxing versus her wild power first style from hat I have seen in her fight and her training from not to long ago. 

Joanna on the other hand looks like a Dutch Kickboxing Conor McGregor with power in her PKA kicks, she’s as fast as ever and is throwing with some real confidence. The wrestling stuff is her key to not being taken down and from her performances after Claudia she improved her Take Down defense and has taken the sprawl in brawl game to a new level that Chuck would be proud of, I think we can call it stuff and Dutch Touch or something along those lines don’t quote me there folks.

This top level version of both women is due to a disdain and a will to not not lose to each other because of this disdain. The risk for both women is high but for the fans this will be a fight for all fight fans be it deep insiders fighters or just the casuals that got sucked in with the real beef these to have via the TV chaos.


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