Big Consequnces Here

 UFC_knockouts_Johny_Hendricks_vs_Martin_Kampmann.gif Kelvin_Gastelum_The_Ultimate_Underdog_Kelvin_Gastelum_Highlights_2016.gif

Johny vs Kelvin

A true turning point fight for both guys one guy has the ability to make a move for a title bout and the other has a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the division and his fans. Kelvin is like a light grappling version of Mark Hunt smooth footwork with hammers in his hands. If he catches a flow he’s not stopping he can submit you wrestle with you and put you to sleep or just bust you up standing. He is the new classic the old guard mentality with new age skill. He  has gone through his growing pains with the weight management and cutting (which I hate) and he’s more aggressive with himself just like he is in the cage and it’s showing the new determined version is looking to get back on the horse off a lose to Neil Magny and with a win he sky rockets and the new players at 170 get a real injection at the top.

Johny is an interesting case, he is a guy I was behind on his way to the title. I thought he beat GSp and I understanding the arguments but that’s just how I saw it. Recently he has had similar weight issues and has suffered for it in missing out on high level fights and losing respect in the division. He beat up Matt Brown went to war with Lawler twice and he he has a legit grappling game behind impressive power. Wonderboy recently stole his sole in the first round and a rebound after hitting the bottom is when we get a glimpse usually of the bizarro Johny who doesn’t care and gives it his all in each round intelligently similar to the performance against Brown and GSP. I want to see him back on and doing his thing after dealing with outside stuff like leaving his camp and starting his own and dealing with the weight management.

On paper who knows is my answer and it kind of goes with the theme of this card and anyone’s guess is a good one because it’s all dependent on which one of each guy decides to show up. Kelvin and Johny are basically the same while Kelvin is smoother and faster standing and Johny is the same in the grappling and striking mix up.


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