Alpha Cat & a True BAMF

 UFC_200_Pelea_Gratis_Pe_a_vs_Dudieva.gif Mjesha_Tate_vs_Cat_Zjngano_full_fight_ufc_KO.gif


Cat Zingano vs Julianna Peña

Cat Zingano is the better fighter on paper in this match up Pena is a Team Quest alum and where hard nosed grinding grappling is concerned she might be the best in all of women’s MMA by far. Cat however is skilled in every realm and Penas biggest issue is her striking skill and lack there of, I love both women and if we are being blunt Julianna is stiff and wild with her striking were Cat is smooth and powerful in her ability standing more so now after spending a significant amount of time in Thailand and moving to Alliance MMA with Cruz and Eric D.

Penas just like Chael in style and very centered in her game plan and style of fighting shes looking for a take down and then to mount and then commence the punch out before you can recover guard and sweep to the top or reverse or sneak a sub. Also its not like her BJJ doesn’t exist she can sub anyone at 135 and probably could given the chance so Cat needs to be on her toes and not take anything for granted. On paper it’s a wash for Cat but an entertaining fight for sure especially since Cat has stopped both Amanda and Meisha… I’ll take Cat in this one and then a title match for sure in my eyes.


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