UFC Fight Night 90 RDA vs Eddie



Roy vs Derrick

This fight’s been a long time coming to dudes with misleading guts and heavy hammers. Roy vs Derrick is interesting but on paper it goes like this whoever lands first on the feet wins part of the battle, x factor is if it hits the floor Nelson be it getting the TD or getting dropped doesn’t matter if it hits the mats Derrick either proves he’s got nasty grappling… skeptical hippo eyes… or Nelson shows off the black belt like back in the day but again who knows it’s gonna be a barn burner though lol.  

Alan Jouban vs Belal Muhammad

High level striking match up because of the tare and new look that Alan has been showing with his unabashed striking because of how nasty his ground game is and how high level his Muay Thai base is. Belal is no punk in MMA, coming off a TKO win in Titan FC means the UFC sees something here so that should mean this guy is high level based on skill not dollars. When the door closes this may be one of the best fights of the week.

Duffy vs Mitch

Interesting match up because talent and experience wise they are close on paper with Duffy having more push because of his entanglement with Conor. That being said he has never dominated in the UFC and has been in a lot of close wars when he makes it to the cage. How this goes down is anyone’s guess but I take it a lot of people will be pulling for Duffy off his name alone.


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