UFC Fight Night 90 RDA vs Eddie



Mike Pyle vs Alberto Mina

Never beat against Mike Pyle when he’s fighting a young lion, Pyle is the old renegade that will take out anyone not coming in at 100 or too young to have the necessary experience to even be in the cage with him. Pyle is that damn good and it looks like the UFC is just trying to showcase their version of a Bernard Hopkins and technical nightmare that’s forgot more about fighting than his opponent has been taught.

John Makdessi vs Mehdi Baghdad

Two brilliant upstart grappling talented fighters with striking savviness on both ends. They both are the new crop of upstarts with skill in all areas but putting it together in the heat is where they fall apart or more so when the more experienced fighter or better technical fighter takes advantage in their other fights. Both guys are evenly matched and will like this entire week of fights, this fight will be dramatic.

Birchak vs Lopes

Typical vet against vet match up with huge consequences for Anthony I’m afraid if he loses that might be a guy getting cut. Both have been in the game for a while and understand fighting and know how to strike and grapple so this will be about who lands and imposes first without hesitation, and it will be a bright flashy fight that will be interesting.


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