UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale



Claudia Gadelha vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk

OHHH Buddy this is going to be a doozy of a fight folks and if beef was ever a thing it is in this one that’s for damn sure. Head kicks take downs knock downs and near subs that can all be expected in this rematch for what should have been the first women’s 115 title fight to begin with, Carla had no business with that belt. Okay so skill wise the are at the same level but at different things but the gap is close in all areas aside from the ground game in JJs case. On the feet its gonna be a wash for Joanna that whole 9 time champ thing is a big deal. Whoever Claudia can hang more so than Val Joanna’s toughest test as a champ so far. De De at Nova Una is a nasty Muay Thai teacher and a hell of a BJJ coach look at the line up coming out of that gym seriously. Now the Joanna side of this coin is a hard flip with her timing and power and ability to counter on kicks and land devastating elbows from the clinch. If Claudia ties up in the clinch things may get very interesting seeing how Claudia took JJ down 7 times and the clinch isn’t something new allah Rich vs Silva back in the day. So as a technical fiend I am super stoked for this one.Okay on the mat its Claudia’s world now especially since shes pulling no punches on the ground now and if she looks to hurt as well as sub JJ is in trouble while on the feet in space strike for strike over 5 rounds Claudia is in real trouble. In my opinion this fight will look a lot like the last one but possibly with the same intensity as a the Robbie Rory 2 fight.

They don’t like each other and that beef is real folks. Personally I think Claudia can weather the storm and force JJ back opening up the shot and getting a TKO or Sub, if JJ wins it will be by UD over 5 rounds. Don’t blink  this could be fight of the year no doubt about it.


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