Valerie vs Joanne Calderwood at 125



Okay so the major part of this fight is to show the world and fighters how stupid this weight cutting stuff is, the intro of a women’s 125 allows these women to fight healthy vs dying before the fight and then getting in the cage to under perform. Watch Vals last fight against that murder Joanna, she held her own until she just couldn’t pick it up. Now you have to wonder well if that was her depleted what will she be like at 125 healthy?

First taste of women’s flyweights, this division is about to be lit Val vs Joanne has the potential to be a fast paced K-1 style war with little gloves which means a high percentage of strikes landing on to gamer women that aren’t cutting stupid amounts of weight to make 115. This isn’t or shouldn’t end like Cyborgs last bout.  How this plays out is like any basic kickboxing match starts off light and soft with jab range finders light leg kicks and such. Then the heavy shots start coming so whoever has the better combinations or the better shots period will probably win the striking war. Now on the mats we enter the world of jiu-jitus my friends, okay since all know that there is always a way on the ground that’s where if the fight goes there that someone could dominate to get the finish. Personally they are kind of equals on the mats as well coming out of two camps that pride themselves in a deep knowledge of sub grappling so this entire bout could just be fireworks, or the less than likely stalemate high processing bout where nothing goes on but super intellectual shots being thrown.

Here its a pick’em kind of fight because neither women have competed at 125 in years for Val and ever for Joanne. From the jump I knew it would be a great fight and good for the women’s division to make it a healthier twiner spot for the women to big for 115 and  too small for 135. Personally I’m rolling with Val just off her performance against Joanna in Australia (which is a teaser for the 2nd Claudia fight). So yeah there you go folks.


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