Cowboy vs The Predator

Fight_Night_Ottawa_Official_Weigh_in (2).gif


So Donald is continuing on with his ethos of anywhere at anytime with anyone so why not fight Patrick Cote in Ottawa at 170lbs. So yeah high level Thai boxer with a nasty guard and a chin and a half vs the former 205 185 and now 170lb   so with all that being said we have a another a quick finish  or a slow burn relatively speaking. So to give you something to base this thing on the Cody No Love and Thomas Almedia, boxer vs Thai Boxer. The thing here is don’t think that this is what it is cut to the end of the fight, NOPE.This bout is complex with how sneaky Cowboy is with his hidin kicks and knees, feints and reading opponents very well. Now Cote is no slouch obviously, Cote is a wildly under rated grappler with heavy boxing hands. From the jump every shot has the potential to be the fight ender. On the ground Cote is a real threat because his top game is nasty so don’t expect a quick sub from Cowboy but maybe a more complex set up if it hits the mats.


So for this bout I have no real pick maybe Cowboy just as fan service but its a super tough fight for both guys when you look at it on paper.


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