Theres levels to this ISH…


Okay so against my better judgement I’m going to write this Cruz vs Faber trilogy breakdown. It’s not so much a breakdown as it is a list of things that have to go correct tfor Urijah to beat Cruz. Urijah like Cruz has said favors certian weapons the Guillotine, Over Hand Rights, and Elbows in the guard. Other than that Fabers good at everything else but hes no wizard in any othe categories. Cruz is a wizard more evassive and counter based but when he goes on the offensive expect a flying knee from a stationary position or a six point combination with no response from the opponent. Can Faber when, yes but the things that have to go correct are he has to land more than one big shot. Contray to popular belief Faber doesnt have a KO 2 Straight or lead 3. Dodson does and Micheal McDonald does but Faber not so much. So he has to pile on the power punches to set up a TD to finish in Cruz guard or to get the Guillotine like he did back in the WEC. The real issue then becomes hitting Cruz, by all accounts TJ Killashaw would float on Faber and dot his California lovin butt up. TJ has more power but thats not the concern for Cruz hes content with a UD where he pops and pops and pops so more on Faber allah Ali style before looking for a finish. So who wins should be simple on paper, but this is fighting so who knows.

Faber is the old guard of fighters looking for a championship, and as the last or one of the few dwindling lighter weight fighters still fighting at the top this is his last go around the track. Cruz is the innovator in this bout he does something different and has three different looks for something that looks the same ti the naked eye. Hes the super computer and Faber is the guy trying to use basic tools to beat it. Complex vs Simplicity on a razors edge. These two are the highest level fighters exhibiting these totally divergent schools of thought, and when I get yhe chance it will be a joy to watch.

Personally I’m taking Cruz because Ive been down with the Dominator since this whole beef began in the WEC. Take notes and don’t blink, folks you just might learn something.



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