Dream Boat vs Brash Brit


Okay so we still have a title bout at 185 as weak (in comparison to 170 155 145 135 205) that being said this is the only fight at 185 that makes since for the biz and for the fighters involved. Bisping just beat Anderson while getting KOd, whatever and and Weidman has to get neck surgey so this is what makes since  a rematch on a card based in rematches. So Bisping has 2 weeks but hes always in cardio shape and a game plan will be based on what he did well versus what lead to his abrupt ending in the first match. Staying away form the left body kick is paramount and with that eye issue it becomes even more scary seeing how he can’t then see the nastiest left body kick from the best body kicker at 185 by far. Add to the fact that where Micheal is dangerous is in tight and right before he exits the pocket. Pocket fightimg is where he baged up Anderson and where most of his devistating shots have landed and ended fights. The counter there is Luke is a lanky crafty fighter that loves checking guys with his right hand and pivoting with a collar toe where he can get a takedown and or fram up for a left body kick or just deliver the 3 and pivot on the exit. Hes simplicity ground to the sharpest edges where stand up is concerned each shot is basic but who he layers them behind the length and execution are what make him the best 185er in the world. Look at the question mark kick and tell me he isn’t a top tier striker.

Now on the mats its not close, as I have said before Luke Skywalker is just that on the mats homie floates on fools on the mat watch that Boetsch and Machida fight again or the final Weidman fight and watch this dude just float. His body awarness and flowing ability to just roll from one thing to another is the closet to Jacqure as anyome in the division. Rolling with Cain and DC makes you top notch and or just lightyears ahead of most the division. Bisping says Luke is weak and all that to tbis day but that mounted Guillotine was strong and Bisping had no exit but tapping and he got there because Luke rag dolled and floated on him like Rickson in Pride. If it hits the mat Bisping will get subbed no questions BJJ os pretty simple when it comes to vast jumps in ability you can damn near guarantee the better guy will 98 percent of the time win.

So thats a look feel and breakdown for this bout Cruz Faber is next of course. But for this one I dont advice beating on this because Micheal could some how pull it out on a descion who knows its fighting. But almost everyone knows that I roll with Luke ever since Anderson turned 40 I knew it was only a matter of time before Luke ran through everyone.

Luke by KO or Sub


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