O2 Max Increase


It’s that time folks the time you all have been dreading the time when this crazy little Baby Bunny gets on his triathlon fix oh yeah thats right olympic triathlon distances for every cardio based movement running swimming biking. Distances below

Bike 24.4 Miles or 40k
Run 6.2 Miles or 10k
Swim .93 Miles 1.5k

Okay for fighting and as a general thing for people who just want to push the limits I sub out running for the airdyne or just listen to my body because running is high impact on the means of transportation for the body and considering wrestling practice and kickboxing they need all the recover and rehab they can get. That being said you take the run distance and add 60 percent to the original for the airdyne as a concession. Why is this good simple put in the words of Bas El Guapo Rutten you can never have too much cardio. The name of the game is having the ability to do what you did in the first 30 seconds of round 1 in round 5 Mighty Mouse RDA anyone named Diaz Frankie Edgar who could go until round 200 with that heart and so on. Speed, Strength, & Technique are all reliant on endurance. Speed of Sport Nick Curson literally puts RDA and others at elevation for cardio just so they can use the explosive speed they develop from strengthening their feet and making the neuromuscular system faster and more responsive from plyo work. Welp all that stuffs good until you can’t  feed the body oxygen or you break down because the lack there of. Endurance makes cowards of us all, that is the truth so don’t be that person and in the meantime get cut and add a couple gas tanks to the arsenal for BJJ Kickboxing Boxing LIFE etc. Good day my friends, good day.

-Later AOC outta here.


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