But Did You Die?


I’ve been experimenting with my cardio programming and I have made a break through. A combination of mind numbing and break you down build you movements. Heed my words this will suck every time, however you will crave the cardio high you get and live how lean you will be sble to get. Okay so whats the program, check me out below.

5, 4 mintue rounds on the assualt (airdyne, perpeller) bike rest for 30 seconds between each round.

7-10 rounds of 15 toes to bar
In between each hit a double clean or snatch with moderate weight.

Row 2.5 k

Heavy Bag if you want or need to, drill based not power shot based.

.70 mile swim freestyle no less 4 laps per set.
Ideally you build to sets of 6 and up.

This is like an hour and 30 minute long chipper, but its my personal death march. If your like me you love have an objective while working and this embodies that, theres a number you need to reach and thats bottom line.

Have fun folks and ask yourself,


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