Oh So Your Surprised?

This is just adorable,


Adorable is the best word for people losing there mind about Conor not fighting at 200 and retiring. Folks this is purely about power, leverage, and money. Tyson said it best about Conor, its not about the money really with fighters it’s about being able to dictate your life how you want with a promoter or promotion. Conors just throwing his weight around causing this stir because he wanted to play a card from the Diaz handbook to make him a UG legend by not coming to the UFC 200 presser.  Am I surprised the UFC brass didnt shell out however much money it would take or to just let this slide, a little but not very much. After Conor lost the management on both sides of the ball realized that from a business standpoint Conor had no more god like leveraging ability, ie he can’t punch Nates hand, run up on Aldo, say when and where he’ll do something for the promotion. None of that is cute or flys anymore, which isn’t the crux of this issue but a tip of an even bigger ice berg.

The real issue is the fighter can not be bigger than the promotion in the eyes of the heads in charge of the UFC. Its the UFC show and because the fighter be it Conor Jones Silva Ronda Couture Tito or whomever the likelihood of you falling off is exponentially greater then the NFL of MMA promotion falling off first. When a promotions the only big dogg in town, and the closest rival is Bellator who is still using the Pride mantra as a platform with some big names versus 90 percent of the big names and top prosects choices become hard to find. Like Conor said in the fight business choises are always nice. He should refer specifically to MMA because in Boxing and Kickboxing the promotion isnt the big key because there are many that have the same or more money to present to the fighter. Mid level to top end pay is not even comparable in the the sports. Lower tier fighters get bad more in the UFC but when you ink a reebok deal any large sponsor is out versus in boxing where the pay is 6 figures for a mid level guy and sponsors are readily available. Thosevare key readons why boxing is still huge, simply because its about the fighter financially promo wise and from a fans perspective. The casual fan gives zero f $%ks about Golden Boy or Mayweather Promotions the care about Canelo Cotto Andre Ward Mayweather GGG etc. This the first real cold slap in the face to everyone that thought that even if you have the aura of a Conor McGregor you could call your own shots. The timebomb is ticking for anyone because in the eyes of the powers that be, you can never be bigger than the UFC.


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