So everyone followimg the sport might have seen the spectacular JDS performance as he faced MMA heart throb Ben Rothwell. It was a wake up call to everyone of the Jay Glazers of the world that think MMA needs to focus on MMA whatever that means. It was a wake up call to everyone to fight your fight make it not about whatever it is the target is good at. JDS did just that he boxed Big Bens face off using one of the most undevalued tools in all of MMA by going to the most undervalued target in all of MMA. He used the Jab to the body…(and all the cubans go wild). Its was a joy to watch true sliding to his stick and stealing air. Many times if you watch a boxer like Money Mayweather spar he will talk trash about what hes doing he’ll drop an one to the body and say gimme that. Better yet Andre Ward explains how you drop a 2 to the body with out getting hit by putting the jab out there to force a hesitation from the target. He concludes the demo by saying then you steal his air. When you hit someone to the body straight to the diaphragm you knocking the wind out of them and disrupting there already fraigle breathing pattern. Hit them enough times and they have to try to recover because a break inbetween rounds wont do diddly for there gas tank. None of that works however if your fundamentals arent on point. Micheal Moore got JDS back to his roots of quality defense coming into and out of the pocket and got him to be snappy versus trying to kill with every shot. When you snappy you can choose when to throw a bomb but if you throwing only bombs with being snappy its hard to get loose. Watch Mark Hunt for an example the mans never tense hes like a BJJ prodigy with no tension in his body but when he decides to level who evers in front of him its a for gone conclusion at that point. High level striking in MMA built on the jab… Brendan Dorman who saw that coming lol.


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