Jon Jones vs The “Que” OSP

The Dawg Will Not BE OWT

 UFC_197_Jon_Jones_vs_Ovince_Saint_Preux_Promo_HD_1080p UFC_197_Jon_Jones_vs_Ovince_Saint_Preux_Promo_HD_1080p (1)

Okay, this fight is a filler to keep Jon the draw on the card so that Mighty Mouse who is my favorite fighter won’t be the highlight of the card because his numbers are tragic. Jon is the money draw here and with OSP an unknown to the casual fan, media can now play the Holly was relatively unknown as to some so was Diaz which is false in my mind but whatever. Now for what this means at 205lbs… it means nothing absolutely nothing. If OSP were to win then yes everything at 205 changes but unlike Conor Diaz there are holes is OSPs game versus strengths in Diaz’s game. Really what I was wondering is why is OSP fighting and not Rumble Johnson? Simple Anthony Johnson had surgery like a week ago on his jaw, I guess some fights seem to never want to happen.



Okay Breakdown this is the reality Jon is a freak that’s good at being a freak, and to go along with his weird natural ability is a highly technical grappling base and a creative and fluid striking base. People like Luke Rockhold and others say that Jons striking isn’t very good technique wise but I counter by asking what should his round house look like if it’s moving that fast behind such a long leg? His striking is very technical Muay Thai and not kickboxing, he learned how to throw proper elbows and made it his own he figured out kicking and made it his own. Holly Holms was still boxing when he got to Jacksons so he learned how to box long and made it his own. Honestly the guys on the Might Mouse D Cruz path of knowing all the rules and bending or outright breaking most of them to suit his needs in the cage.  Now OSP he is also a freak he played college football in the SEC, explosion is his middle name but unlike cough cough Rumble he isn’t as savvy with his explosiveness. Robin Black put it best when discussing Rumble he is very technical and has almost flawless footwork for his dutch style of always being in position to deliver power think GGG Ramon Dekkers or Bas Rutten, two are Dutch just saying oh and he’s a regular sparring partner of Spongs. OSP on the ground isn’t a wrestler and if DC couldn’t stop Jons TD what makes anyone think OSP can. OSP is a 10th Planet regular but I don’t see him catching Jon in a twister or anything else after the way Glovercontrolled him wrestling and BJJ wise on the mats. It’s a complete mismatch and kudos to OSP who I love and think will be a huge star but this match up is so ill-advised it makes my brain hurt.


So who wins, take a guess Jon Jones by whatever way he decides he wants to try at the moment. I will not rule out OSPs 2,check 3, 4, 6, 10 but good luck getting in range for that with Jon. That is the X-factor for OSP but the X Factor for Jon is how much power is now available to him because of the powerlifting and plyo work he’s been doing to stay fast but develop more powerful explosion.  Rolling with Jon until he fights Rumble then I just want to see that fight and will side with neither party.


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