Okay so I follow this guy… and his wife…us that weird? Anyways, Thomas Hughes
this guy is incredible, I mean his skills in the ring and cage are phenom like. That’s not the reason I’m really writing this, Thomas and his wife Ashley Hughes have one the most well developed social media collection in the game. Honestly Reebok and the UFC both could take a page out of their book. To do that they would need twin toddlers to steal the show at every turn. If you need a better example think Casey Neistat (link) and the kickboxing of Nieky Holtzken


). That’s just an over view of this spectacular family and fighter.

Okay, finally the reason I’m putting so much thought into this is because what the Hughes are doing here is changing how promotion is done. They are being themselves, by doing so they hit a market other than the under 35 male demo of non trained individuals. You can see that by there numbers subscribers follows all that fun stuff thats used as a measuring tool. Again it’s not just all about the entertainment, my god the man is a 2x North American Kickboxing Champion who is ever evolving alla Bang Muay Thai. What more could you want, the archetype of the worlds dopest dad a fashionosta fun loving wife and mom and the dopest set of twins on earth. If that’s not what the MMA world needs to really show off what the art does for people. This is what we need more of, not another recreation of what boxing does or the NFL does no more golden boys. How about real people no more villians no more saints (not a shot at GSP) just be real, in the realm of stark cold reality that is combat sports, from grappling to striking to the all encompassing MMA world reality of who these people are should be the move. Seeing how the arts were all built on reality not the push not images but the reality of a punch a take down a submission or a head kick. More of this is all I’m saying and wishing for support of people and family’s like Thomas Hughes.

Peep there instagrams and youtube channel links below and above.
THE DOPE TWINS IG (Beware the Dopeness)

-Later Family


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