This Needs To Be ADDRESSED!!!

You DUM DUMS, This is why Nathan won


Let’s talk about this thing I’ve been seeing more and more of lately, this idea that Nate won because of his vegan lifestyle is so off it’s not even funny. People he fist of all isn’t full vegan he eats fish and takes fish oil I’m damn near positive about that. Conor didn’t lose because he eats protein if that was the case every person Nate fought would have been vegan when in fact they are all no vegans. As much as the Diaz are correct about the PED issue in the UFC we can rest assured that Benson and RDA are clean. Meanwhile, Nates guys Gilbert aka Giblert Melendez and Jake Shields both popped for PEDs so… Just saying, the facts are below.

The facts is that if anything Conor gassed out when he decided to overthrow the 2 and overextend on each punch ie lifting his back leg every time, that’s more likely the reason versus his diet which was very clean. Conor was fine until the second round when he got hit with Nates jab square on the chin when you get dotted up like Conor got hit you system shuts down it had nothing to do with cardio hence why one punch KOs happen in every pugilistic sport. Nates cardio is always top notch but he has had some less than stellar performances against non-vegans with better explosive conditioning such as Benson and RDA, why because cardio once you have it only accounts for getting you to the finish line but to deliver a balanced combination of endurance and explosion. Nates technical ability to angle out of Conor over extended 2 was a reason his chin wasn’t getting checked and his ability to smother punches was another reason for why Conor gassed even when it looked like he was tagging up Nathan. Diet is a minute thing in the grand scheme of things, it was the technical boxing prowess of Nate Diaz who spars with guys like Andre Ward and Joe Schilling versus Conor who though he could out strike Nathan from mid range. Having carb’d up means nothing if Nate had been taking those shots clean to the chin like he did aginst Benson and RDA which ended up with him getting dropped and playing guard off the bottom with an equally as good if not better BJJ black belts on top of him, the story was different for Conor because Nate is the better striker and grappler there and was technically perfect while Conor looked frantic and head hungry. For those that spar of fight you understand that when you get hit flush your cardio won’t save you only defense and heart can cardio means nothing and the diet means nothing when you have to recover from a mild concussion midway through a fight.


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