Many of you have no idea who I am but belive in the information I procide on a weakly basis starting with my call on certain major fights i.e Ronda losing to Holly and Nathan Diaz not surprising him or I but the rest of the world not repping 209. Thats fighting sport and Prize bout analytics for you. Reality is if you have a gut feeling you run it down to ghe nucleus and work, your way back using proven evidence scientific method for the discovers out there. Now I’m here to speak on another matter entirely, the impermanence of this life and why the actions you engage in shape the way people will remember and live there lifes like after coming in contact with you. It’s a more philosophical twist today because of the things I am dealing with in my own life at the moment with the passing of my grandmother.

So getting down to it is simple thtlat golden rule and standing by it, do onto others as you would want others to do onto you. I take it a step further by suggesting do onto others, be they enemy or loved ones better than they would do to you. The things that standout to me where the times when I would be deep down in my feelings about something, I remember my grandmother telling me that I was her champ champ, and that I was capable of any and all things. It’s moments like that be it the smallest accomplishments to the largest ones she praised and huged me. I would beam with joy when I got a report card or wona boxing or TKD tournament, why because I new that the joy I was providing her she would shine back on me ten fold. Let my moment of grief and joy in remebering one of the most important people in my life become a lesson to any and everyone that looks for information from me when it comes to combat arts and health.


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