Fe Iron Will, Diaz Truth


If Nate Diaz vs Conor 2 is a real thing for UFC 200 it kind of makes sense when you look at the massive money grabs Dana White is making from 2015 to 2016. Nate vs Conor was the latest one night before that Ronda vs Holly while skipping over the other 5 women ahead of Holly. Ronda vs Bethe on Brazil money grab putting the biggest lioness in the field in a cage with a psyched up gazelle. Right now Dana is in a little predicament as we saw during the Fox Sports post fight coverage when Dana didn’t want to look at Frankie or answer in of the Answers questions directly or to the point, instead just sliding out with you know you’re in talks, listen calm down we love yous and the likes. Frankies the only fight for Conor that should be discussed, Conor lost to Nathan Diaz so going by rankings at 155 Conor is around the Michael Johnson mark making a fight with RDA an insult to all the top 10 players at 155lbs. What else is interesting is that because Conor was winning he got to the point pre UFC 196 and post UFC 193 were he could pick and choose his fights, answering my question of why Khabib, Pettis or Cowboy weren’t inserted into the bout. It’s not like they have never taken people off a card to buy them on another bout for a short notice fight. Be it UFC 189 to UFC 196 Conors bouts have all for the most part been against late notice 10 day camp fighters, while he gets a full camp which in all honesty when all things are weighed out become an advantage for Conor. It’s not even a question anymore if it’s an advantage because what Chad showed against Conor became the truth after a better striker in Nate dotted and outboxed Conor defensively and offensively in the end of round 1 and in round 2. If you can’t see the pull away check right gook and slap Nate was landing and don’t understand that people have been dazed by just that in Kickboxing and Boxing with 12 oz gloves. “Money Grab” for sure and another snub of Edgar which I will touch on next.

The Nate fight is another superstar pay day for Nathan, who will bring all those TUF OG fans, Diaz followers, Andre Ward and boxing supporters, & the entire 209 area code. Now great for Nathan who just like Nick has done so much for the sport and promotion that he genuinely deserves the pay day, and like Raury McDonald expressed many were discussed by Nathans 20 and 20 pay days as of late. Now Nathan expressed a deep understanding of how messed up this promotion has gotten when it comes to Bias and pushing of one guy and letting them run rampant and not giving everyone a shot like the art calls for. Nathan said that Frankie should have gotten the fight at 145 but things worked out like they did because of the push this guy is getting, good on him for building on his timing. However the company guy that was fighting and champion at 155 lbs even when he weighed much less is a legend in the sport and deserves the chance to do what BJ Penn did especially when you remember how Dana had been asking Frankie to move down for so long even when he had the belt. So Frankie moves down and what’s his reward being walked over and facing the top 5 of his division while Conor got pitches down the middle in guys like Diego, Brimage (no longer in the UFC), and to cap it off Siver who was stiffer than Shamrock and Royce. If Frankie gets passed up again he might jump in the cage and do what he did to Cub (top 3 at the time) to anyone that says Nates was the fight to make. The only fight to make is with you champion and the guy that knocked out Chad Mendes faster than anyone in history. But like Renzo and others have expressed the BJJ of Conor is good, but there are black belts and then there are black belts and Frankie is a BLACK BELT he did it to BJ and he will do it to Conor. People seem to forget these very important points. I love Joe Rogan listen to about every podcast but I don’t think Conor will ice him with one shot. To land that shot you have to find Frankie, but while you’re looking for Frankie he’s seeing a take down the pass the sub or the grind in that order on a level not even Gunnar can get Conor prepped for. That’s the reality folks they’re being backed in a corner because Diaz won and Nathan called them out on Frankie not getting the shot and with Frankie’s latest performances there’s really no hiding anymore for whoevers hiding from Fe the Iron one.


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