Winter?… No Art OF Fitness is Coming!!



Coming soon my dream and brainchild and personal company, Art Of Fitness. For Fighters for active people, for the fun loving people out there, these are the people these products are for. What you get is a 60 to 90-day program for each day of the week and a breakdown of the results you will get for the amount of work you commit to. Next, you get a meal prep plan of 20 meals including prep how to’s. What I am trying to do with this is expand what I have been doing for years for all sorts of athletes and regular active people by giving them a no BS program. That’s something I stand by no BS, my price isn’t extravagant for the product you’re getting for 60-90s with complete access to me on your own time. That’s the pitch for my product I hate selling things on people but really if you believe in my website and want to see a change give me 90 days of 60 workout and clean eating days and you will see the results and energy increase and probably a huge confidence boost which is subjective I know but 9/10 people agree with me on that. Give me a try soon and find your fitness for real.

 Powerful_Joe_Rogan_spinning_back_kick only fit girls on tumblr Conor_McGregor_vs_Nate_Diaz_UFC_196_Highlights (1) Caley_Reece_Training_Sinbi_Muay_Thai_for_Historic_Boxing_Event

My programs are broken down into 3; Fighter Fit, High Intensity, and my Moderate Program for Basic Human Fun. The Fighter Fit program is what it sounds like the most intense fighter camp workouts and eating program fighters do at the beginning of camp or prior to camp. Core rotation, endurance work, lower body strength, and martial art workouts throughout a 90-day program. giphy (1)

The High-Intensity Workout is less crazy than the Fight Fit program however it’s still intense but more full body versus athlete specific to fighting. Think a comprehensive balanced program based specifically on high return for your effort movements. The eating plan is less strict when compared to the fighter fit but I still only schedule 2 days per week of cheat meals but they are all either followed or after or before a grueling workout. Don’t be scared to try it it if you don’t think you’re fit enough, you will only know if you jump in. Because I am vain and think others are somewhat as well after doing this program and the follow-up program I promise a significant loss of body fat, an increase in muscle or quality size for people looking to bulk there is an eating plan specific to that.


Okay now for my favorite program the moderate program, this is for the people that live or want to live an active life.Meaning being outside rock climbing, hiking, surfing, swimming, playing pick up sports, rec league softball, or just being able to chase your dog and kids. By doing this program instead of hating whatever you’re out doing in that moment because you’re huffing and puffing this program helps you so you get a workout doing that stuff but, more importantly, you have fun experiencing the activity. As an avid surfer, the last thing you want to be is tired while out in the lineup or when your midway paddling out, it’s just not a good. This is  really the change program give me 60 quality days and you will see a major change and a noticeable energy increase. Why, because it’s not just workouts and eating its wellness, there’s a breathing technique to calm yourself and give your body the buzz it gets from meditation. There’s a technique or more so advice to help with your sleeping program to help you get the rest your body needs with feeling sore the next morning and thus stressed because of the pain. If you’re looking to make the big step in changing your life, if you haven’t ever been the fit person or need to just workout out because your doctor has suggested it, this is for you. I explain all the movements and provide source material for each movement, I will be on call all day if you have and questions about the programming, I am here to help you not the other way around hence the price of the program that you could just keep doing versus getting the part 2 program. That’s how you can know that this is all out of wanting to help people if I can make a few dollars by doing it that’s just a by-product.


Summer’s around the corner spring times almost here across the USA and you can get back on the new year’s resolution by getting on a program that simplifies everything because it’s all listed out what you need to do for how long versus a trainer lying to you to get more money out of you. When it’s all said and done it will be because of your effort and not the overpriced trainer that gets milking you with little change to your body. Teach a person to find their fitness and health and fitness for them becomes easy versus paying for terrible direction that gets you nowhere


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