Hunt vs Mir The Polar Opposites…Somewhat

Hunt versus Mir 


Off the chaotic success of that last minute fight at 196, the UFC is proving that all their cards will be legendary this year. To continue that legendary push we have to heavyweight legends of two distinct parts of the MMA art. Hunt the K-1 Champion with high level ever improving takedown defence, versus Frank Mir who’s a legendary heavyweight BJJ master with an ever improving fluid striking game. Name of the game is Frank needs this fight on the mat and Hunt needs the fight standing that’s it no if and or but about it.

Breaking it down Frank needs to stay away from Hunt and look for his shot behind the jab or the 2 staying behind the 1 and 2 is where he is safe because of the height and the distance he creates being bigger. If Frank gets into a slugfest it is ill-advised and rarely works out for the person going to war with Hunt the man’s got steel in his chin. On the ground, Frank wins he has very good wrestling and BJJ as we all know and subbing Hunt is the better bet for Frank. If Josh Barnett and Shane Carwin wobbled Frank it’s pretty much a given that if Hunt lands its lights out for Frank “for sure” to quote Brendan Schaub.

For Hunt to win he needs to make his sprawl as tight as possible, training at AKA Thailand with those world class wrestlers and strikers that’s something I’m sure they are working on. Striking is Marks lane, he’s got the K-1 stamp something only 2 other UFC fighters have ironically they both are heavyweights…go figure. Marks 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 are atomic bombs that are pro boxer sharp he hides them behind devastating leg kicks and switches leg kicks and that wonderous footwork. Hunt rolls shots like Duran and Archie Moore from the shoulder and off the neck roll and chin roll. If he leg kicks Frank be sure to watch the punch he sets up off that kick. Front leg kick followed by a 2 or 3 rear leg kick followed by a shovel 4 or straight 2 then cold stiffness is usually followed. Hunt if he can tag up Frank want to pressure him with footwork and get to the outside shoulder against the cage and dropping an 5 or 6 ends the bout like his classic walk-offs have usually ended. Staying off the mats is paramount, on the mat Hunt will more than likely drown, that’s not to say Hunt hasn’t improved its the same as the Conor Nate thing. Frank is just a master when it comes to big man technical BJJ that’s it no questions its reality.

Okay, I’m rolling with my man Marky Mark Super Samoan Hunt, I’m K-1 loyal and love the new Hunt with his weight loss and commitment to AKA Thailand where he can tighten up his striking with the OGs in Thailand like he did for those K-1 shows. I think this is the last go around for Frank personally because this isn’t Todd Duffy or a less than willing partner in Arlovski this is a striker with such a large gap of knowledge that Frank just can’t mess with. That’s my take I know the UFC will take good care of Frank and really push him to take a corporate gig with Zuffa if this fight goes the way I’m thinking. That’s my view of this main card in Austraila.

-AOC Outta Here, don’t you ever wish you were outta here



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