Kicking Around The Check

The Truth CAN’T be Ignored



In life, it’s been said 3 things hold true Pain Taxes and Death. Those folks obviously have never been leg kicked. Upon your first days with real Dutch Kickboxers and Muay Thai Boxing Thais in Thailand, you will be initiated into the community during what they call “Play Sparring” where you can expect to eat a few leg kicks before the end of the session while your partner smiles knowingly. The truth is the leg kick is undefeated in pain, relative to the other strikes whose effectiveness is based on a small target versus a leg kick whose target starts at the hip and ends at the bottom of the calf. More surface area to land means more landings of the kick. Along with the fact that the kick is targeting the lead leg most of the time which are placed in front of the body making the distance cover to then strike smaller than that of a jab the fastest strike in anyone’s arsenal.  So leg kicks are king and have a long record of wins in Kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and Lethwei.


Leg Kicks

  1. The key to this is something the Thais and Dutch do very well, kick all the way through the target. I know duh right well “I think you’d be surprised” – Brendan Schaub
  2. The non-kicking leg should turn out forcing the hip to turn over or fully rotate so you can keep your balance while on one leg.
  3. Begin like you would for all kicks line up the shin with the point above, below, and on center with the target. Forcing that hip to power through.
  4. You know you’re doing it right if  your body is flat, think of a ballerina opening up their hips and squatting that’s how your hips should be. Forcing that rear leg to twist outward will help with this.
  5. The old adage is that, if you miss the kick you should spin all they way around like a top which is true.
  6. After developing all the above proper mechanics the last key is the striking through and spinning if you miss over and over again until you’ve done your 10,000 reps of mastery well have fun with that lol.


The B-side to the leg kick is a proper check. The check rules over the leg kick more emphatically than Chris Weidman’s legendary leg check that snapped the Goat Anderson Silva’s leg. Now the leg kick is still a land able when a check is put up you just need to change the location of where you want to land. Frankie above does the same thing perfectly to BJ Penn, what you want to do is close the gap on the person checking because they’re no longer a threat to strike from that position because there is no leverage. Chopping through to the back leg does the thing that a sweep does and you can then drop into side control from there like every other sweep in Muay Thai when you convert it to MMA.

So to check you angle your knee out to intercept the kick and left your leg up like the Captain Morgan Ad. Now the feet tell the tale, to make a check work and keep from getting swept your foot needs to be flat. Unlike a knee which how many people teach a check you aren’t throwing a knee, you are putting up an equally powerful and rigid structure to block without taking substantial damage. So keep the foot flat which then forces your activate the legs muscles to stay rigid and not loose stopping the attacker from kicking threw the check and sweeping you. Once lifted stay stoic and hardy, if you don’t your check, will mean nothing in the eyes of your opponent and the eyes are the window to the soul so mask whatever pain you receive and present a smiling or laughing eye in response.


-RIP Biggie, Later Folks AOC Outta Here


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