Conor is Going 2 BE a Legend!

 Conor_McGregor_vs_Nate_Diaz_UFC_196_Highlights Conor_McGregor_vs_Nate_Diaz_UFC_196_Highlights (1)


Conor is still a great fighter, Nathan Diaz was just better there should be no hate just love for Nathan’s performance if you hate as a Conor fan you need to remember how it felt when Conor KOd Aldo in 13 seconds, Reality is there has to be a loser and a winner, the intelligent people now that the praise for Nathan Diaz is not a noose for Conor’s career. Actually far from it it just proved what all the underground fight heads have known for a while that the Diaz brothers weren’t being pushed or given the same path as other stars even though they bring fans skill and personality to the UFC every time they fight. Nathan put on a show and an exhibition of pure West Coast boxing skill that Conor had never seen when high level boxing defense and reactionary offense of the defense was concerned.


Conor was only looking to lay that piston 2 on Nathan’s chin, side note Brendan Dormans facebook video on the fight is up and he details how Conor was leaving his feet when he was throwing that punch. Links right here, Conor was falling into the Diaz fire pit where you unload and he rolls the head and shoulder checks to the outside while landing that 1, 2, drop check hook off the lead and either lands all or just the check. Once your frustration reaches a certain level and you just turn into a headhunter the fights basically over at that point. We see that although many thought Conor was winning all those verbal battles, I never thought that because Conor was over reacting to many comments Nathan was making. So Nathan was in his head and angering Conor throughout round 1 and when round 2 starts Conors hands where in his waistband and unlike round 1 he had nothing to say he was just deep breathing.

Now back to the fight, Nathan and Nicks game is to just get you in the pit and then to turn on the heat until you fry. He did that to Conor, and when he landed that stiff brilliantly fast jab that stopped Conor in his tracks. After that jab Conor hesitates and steps in to land big shots while Nathan uses that WINKY WRIGHT long elbow peek-a-boo style to catch and sother the punches versus Conor reflex defense or him trying to pull counter like Mayweather but doing it so often that it was easy to see his timing and distance. Once Nathan stepped in smothered and Stockton slapped Conor, Nathan was alive for real. Nathan rolls his hands Conor is hesitant because of the variation in timing and Nathan blast that hella quick 1,2 that rocked Conor to his toes. That was the real beginning of the end. Regardless of if Conor shot or not it would have ended soon after that devastating cage work because Nathans a blistering volume striker with 50 percent on his body shots with a high output and then 100 percent to the head and right back to the body.


Diaz was going to KO him had it not been for Conor shooting out of desperation. That’s the reality of the fight COnor at 155 and 145 may be the death touch killer but against a guy like Diaz who spars with the best at everything like Andre Ward who has better boxing than everyone in the UFC 1000 times over. That’s the reality of this fight and it means Conor will be legend and Nate will be a legend finally not just a folk hero to the underground, Conor is not bad he doesn’t suck he wasn’t Sage just getting a push he is still great. My only beef with the guy is that he seems to being directed away and around Frankie at every turn, and that UFConFox interview with Dana proved it to me as he had to tell Frankie basically he was sorry. Other than that I love the guy enjoy his antics and what he’s trying to bring back to MMA from the Bruce Lees and Rickson Gracies, just like Kron, Nathan Diaz, Mighty Mouse, etc. Congrats to Nathan and Conor for becoming legends.


-Later Folks AOC outta here R.I.P Biggie   


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