Holly is on THE GSP Path



Holly will bounce back like GSP did after Matt Serra I’m calling it right now. That fight was a great performance from both sides of the cage, I couldn’t be happier for Meisha Tate finally getting that UFC belt. Tate stuck to her game plan and because Holly stepped up to fight instead of waiting a year and a half to fight Ronda in a rematch. The way this fight went down was great for anyone that wants to learn how to fight and stick to the game plan. Holly stuck to her guns and for some reason didn’t find her range which I will touch on with her classic 1, 2, 1. Her sidekicks were working great and her triple jab in really made Tate hesitant on her shot. Meisha was sticking it out and staying patient and not running into Holly forcing Holly to engage with her from the distance. From the distance, she was getting chewed up, but on the canvas, she showed better wrestling when she got her down she showed superior offensive skill compared to Hollys beginning defense. I had it 3 to 1 going into the 5th for Holly so unlike her and Ronda she didn’t get outclassed the entire fight but lost in the last moments of her weakest area.

I think Holly goes up to Tristar the Jackson sister academy and gets some really work in with those grapplers and strikers and spends some time with a couple of Renzo’s black belts. Just like GSP did she will come back a complete martial artist and whomever they put in front of her she will perform like Raury McDonald on them technical striking and now more technical grappling. Congrats to Tate finally reaching the top and good on Holly for taking the fight.




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