I’m not saying anyone going to win or lose because of this weigh in, it just tells me the guy everyone like Robin Black thinks in Diaz’s head may, in fact, be the guy submitting slowly to the talk. On paper still Conor makes since standing by a more narrow margin, but on the ground, it’s full on Diaz by a wide gap. Cameron Hanes saw it a guy that literally stacks a kills prey to feed his family saw that tinge of panic that is biting on a feint. Everyone thought Nate was getting beat mentally and even brought up the little brother syndrome but when it came down to facing off only one guy reacted like the stuck up kid that knows they can cross the line without repercussions that being Dana or security. This again could mean nothing or it could be the first pulled thread in the unraveling of the “King”.

Why I feel this way is also supported by the non-factual comments Conor has been making at Nates team and mental acuity, he’s called Kron a bum a guy that wipes the mat with his by Gunnar and trying to clown Nate and Sheilds. When you say one guy is deflecting limelight while yo attack his team your not be truthful. You’re just providing ammunition for Nate who has a top tier squad and has been known to do so. It’s all coming back to my original issue of Conor’s comments on Nate teaching kids BJJ, that’s what black belts do if you don’t have one I understand why you don’t get that, I would think John or Gunnar would have explained that to Conor. This is getting interesting and if you think that you know who’s winning this go kick yourself because even on paper now its close enough and so unknown that my hands are up in the air saying who knows. That said rollin with 209 Nate Diaz.

-AOC outta here later folks


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