What’s The word…Flustered?


This is getting even more hilarious by the day lol, Nate is ramping it up were Conor is kind of falling off. Taking stabs at his training partners and coaches about their training methods and how they pull a Kenny Florian, not giving Rickson the credit he is due. What’s comical is Nate is on a path farther along than Conor on paper when it comes to the mental battle be it with movement or with the trash talk war that’s constantly happening.

UFC_196_Embedded_Vlog_Series_Episode_2 (2)

(Oh CONOR, your not strangling any of the black belts on Team Diaz or in the scrap pack lol. Kron strangles everyone like his dad did just tapping rows of SBG boys lol. Jake puts crotch on his face and smothers the hell out of all of them lol.)

Conors never dealt with the best trash talkers in the game that’s The Diaz Brothers for sure. The whole crews taking shots after Conor crew took the bait and retaliated after Nate called them all out. Joe Schilling explaining my own personal thoughts of how crazy the kids Jiu Jitsu comment was, black belts teach that’s kind of dumb to say because Conors just letting everyone now Nates a black belt under Cesar Gracie trains with Kron and Rickson whereas Conor has Gunnar Nelson and that’s it really. Nate’s dropping facts while Conors trying to make lies the truth (sounds like a republican move to me), when you training partners are champion kickboxers and the GOAT’s son Kron Gracie, and champion MMA fighters like your brother Conor can’t really through rocks because his whole team is below 500 if you exclude him from the squad. Again we laugh at how badly Conor is taking this, and all of it came to a head when Nate squared up on him and Conor retaliated with a slap because in my head Nate got there first and Conor wasn’t happy about that. When you slap someone’s hand at a press event square off, and then wait for security to push back before you start to bolster and yell at the guy that was ready squabble proves you’re trying too hard. Nate didn’t stop he laughed and flicked him off yelled his signature F you and flexed classic 209. Then on the TV event on FOX Nate kept it up having Conor slip from being flustered. Right now Nate Diaz and the scrap back are tearing this Irish Golden Boy to pieces from the inside out from Artem to Ido to John all the way to Conor.

It could all be for not of course because Conor still a bad mofo but the advantages he usually has are slowly slipping through his fingers. Personally I still need to see if he carries his speed up to 170, and is it so outlandish in the history of this sport to question how fast he’s moved up to 170 if he could do it to RDA Chad and other why’s Conor getting so butt hurt about it coming from someone who’s always saying that but directing it to Conor. I’m not saying he’s on it I’m just saying you can’t be a mental warlord and let people blast giant holes and get huge reactions out of you if you want that edge in a fight. “Why so sad, walking around with these blue faces” Conor stans lol, don’t get super mad about this it’s just an opinion folks.

-AOC outta here folks


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