The Homie Brendan Dorman!

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Okay, this is an analyst take on a fellow analyst and a someone I talk to often about this combat arts thing. Brendan Dorman a guy I was taken aback by on youtube for his detailed and precise depictions of fights and pre and post fight breakdowns rivaling those of Jack Slack and anyone in the UFC before Robin Black turned that ship around from a breakdown perspective. I mean he picked Holly and stuck by it like yours truly, even when the stars like Joe Rogan and others bought the hype vs the reality, even when Cowboy Cerrone stated the truth about Ronda winging her punches, this isn’t a rant my bad let’s talk about my pal and why you should be watching his videos shall we. Okay if you enjoy detailed technical breakdowns then you will enjoy Brendan’s channel why because there’s no bs it’s just reality driven. The reality of this punch vs this punch how technique shapes who lands first this person’s strength and conditioning vs another guys past performances. Technique rules and comparisons that are easy to follow and understand are great for the MMA fans to get a broader view of combat sports around the world be it BJJ, Kickboxing, Boxing, or wrestling because each sport is used in the cage. It’s top notch and you will for sure learns something.


Now for the credentials aside from him not being a BS artist he has worked with some of the best, he’s a Renzo cat check plus- plus on the BJJ department, he worked with Henri Hooft and Kru Phil Nurse and sparred with Tyrone Spong check check when it comes to complete striking. Yeah and now add that he’s fascinated with the evolution or neo-generation that is taking over the art, be it footwork wise, approach-wise, use of distance, or how they’re playing the “game”. I look forward to these videos because I know that they will be top tier and the music will correlate well with the story, that is the video for that fight or fighter or technique. I didn’t just write this because I think of him as a friend but because we agree that growing the technical knowledge to the mainstream audience is the only way we will see another leap forward in the art as a whole, if the audience doesn’t respect the technical stuff than we will move back to standing and trading instead of hitting and not getting hit, the cornerstone of all martial arts. Respect to the homie and here’s a link to his channel.
-AOC is out    


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