RICKSON Full Circle, Nate Diaz Dropping Knowledge!

Conor moves with Ido, Diaz trains with Rickson the Original Movement G.

 UFC_196_Embedded_Vlog_Series_Episode_2 (1).gif UFC_196_Embedded_Vlog_Series_Episode_2 (2).gif


Nate Diaz is out here dropping knowledge with Kron Gracie on embedded which is a great indicator of movement breathing and BJJ. Conors got Gunnar but Gunnar bows down to Kron because like Kron has said before he’s unimpressed by everyone’s Jiujitsu say for a few people like Marcelo his father Rickson “THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME” Maia, etc. So Nates working with his long time friend on his breathing and movement. Let’s give everyone a little lesson  shall we, something my homie Brendan touched on in his video.

Conor isn’t doing something new here folks with his movement ethos that’s been done from the jump of MMA by “THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME” Rickson Gracie movement go watch check if you haven’t already done so. Rickson was doing ring dips, pull ups, walking balance beams, holding tree pose on the balance beam, doing gamby rolls in the sand, etc. What Nate is alluding to is we meaning Nick Nate Kron etc have already been down that road of movement and are farther along than Conor when it comes to it especially Kron. There dealing with the breathing concepts something I have personal experience with before training I do the Rickson method and Wim Hoft method to relax and gain some control.

Rickson has one the most iconic behind the scenes training moments ever in Choke with him standing in a Japanese current with freezing water rushing past him while he laughs and praises god, and you see his brothers running away and staying dry and warm, meanwhile Rickson’s neck deep in frigid water just chilling out. Now Conor is moving on the right path where movement is concerned but looking at the strength and conditioning he will have great explosion initially but he will slow down. Nick Curson has exposed this flaw in modern sports science thinking and he and the Marinovich’s  have corrected this but it’s true hell conditioning. Curson has said that without a rebounding effort or control of the load coming back down on the muscle all your doing is lengthening it. Then by doing strength work of sled pushes and such you’re substituting skill with brute power. The reason Conors been so good at getting away with this and maybe do it again with Nate is because he works equally if not more so on movement. After he does the strength work he shortens the length of the muscles he just elongated enough where he still has better reaction timing versus his opponents we saw this in the Chad fight. Chad was faster but he’s a strength based guy explode explode….. slow down… slow down… meanwhile Conor maintains a relatively constant output at the same rate. Now when and if this hits the ground how does Conor deal with a different level of movement on the mat and no space to work with with constant threats of submission if he tries to strike from the bottom. Even standing we have no idea what ninja stuff Nate has ready for the world and Conor.

From what I’ve seen and heard from the mainstream they would have us believe Nates fat and slow,  which is laughable. He fought maybe 2 months ago, was in camp with a boxer in the 160s hence the call for a 165lbs bout, and training for a triathlon for goodness sake. He should be fine and with Kron in the foreground, everyone should take that as a big freaking deal. Rickson’s …”THE GREATEST OF ALL TIMES” kid is in camp with Nate and Nick’s helping with the boxing, of course, Jake with wrestling for sure, this is getting more interesting by the day. Go watch “Choke” you lambs lol just kidding, really you should watch it if you haven’t already.


-Otta Here Later Folks


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