Injuries are The GREATEST Training Tool Ever!

Busted shins pulled shoulders throbbing finger joints knees on fire and mentally I’m spaced because I’m popping these advils like Mike and Ikes and rubbing numbing heating cream all over my body like its cocoa butter on an ashy black man (I can say that I’m black). This article is about what to do when your hurt and when to sit your happy hips down somewhere instead of making things worse. Let’s start off by saying if you stubbed a toe you can train your a little sore stretch correctly and for a little longer then train, if you’re dizzy and having heat flashes stay at home and call a doctor.

Right now I’m suffering from non-fight training and training injuries, wood chopping fractured my shin thanks, mother earth you try to go green and then ish happens. Punching without wraps reaggravated the bones in my hands, teaching my classes proper leg kicking using myself as the rubber chicken led to my knees feeling like the human torch was living in them. I have every reason to put a halt my training but that’s just stand up that I need that stuff for that doesn’t mean I can’t work my guard at Relsons or have my little brother the freak he is trying to pass and me have to stop him and recover and get to my feet. When I get really injured I focus on my guard go figure, mainly fun escapes people don’t really worry about in MMA you know cutting edge stuff like the tornado guard from half 100% and now “200%” 100% with a rear naked grip on the far side arm. It’s something I stand by, Kurt Osiander has said it best “you want to get a good guard spar with one arm under your belt”, he’s dead ass right now imagine not having the full threat of other limbs. Did I blow your mind, hold on there Skippy this isn’t for the faint of heart it’s going to suck…hard…for a long time….and then for a longer time…really you won’t see any results until your back to 100.

Why is this, well think of it this way when you load the body under eminence stress with say a weight vest ankle weights a resistance suit and a training mask the abilities that are being stressed grow. You see know growth while under that stress because the more fit or explosive you get the hard the work because the stress correlates with the work you’re able to do. The Same thing trains your guard at such a disadvantage does for you the stress is the opponent trying to strangle you like always but you bodies under constant resistance and a controlled stressor. Training this way will pay dividends later because it builds toughness confidence in that toughness and sharpness in whatever your training.

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