Anderson_Silva_Highlights_The_Spiders_Return MICHAEL_THE_COUNT_BISPING_HIGHLIGHTS_2015


I don’t care about the outcome or how I had it how Dana had it or the judges or you for that matter I want to talk about something right now. Anderson Silva is still innovating what is possible in martial arts, this man lands the first crescent kicks in high-level MMA. The same kick that for ages was said to be folly in real combat but he landed it more than once. How did he do it, well he did not follow tradition in both worlds he did it in Anderson Silva land. In TKD, Karate, Kung Fu they teach you the crescent at full and mid-length. However Anderson landed it from inside jab length so jab and pocket distance, throwing it from the lead leg like a front kick. The thing is he trained things to be able to throw it without thinking there is no gearing up for it, he’s loose in his hips and has the dexterity that mimics a clean lead leg kick and used it to crescent kick Michael Bisping against the cage. The innovators all have complete mastery of the body to allow the body to do what they want to do, take Conor, for instance, he lands his punches straight and true with no telegraph because he’s mastered linear explosion and the planes his body is on everything is straight and bladed when he fires his straight punches. Look at Mighty Mouse when he shoots turns the corner, comes back up gets the plum and lands the knee or when he drops to the ground looking for an ankle and comes back up to land a 1, 2 as straight as possible. Mastery of self is cool in philosophy but in reality, it changes what is possible because it changes you.

Innovate and grow by trying it in live fire sparring. Pad work and bag works are the notes and major edits for the paper your writing and the sparring is the rough copy that’s getting minor edits or scrapped because that version isn’t working. Now not getting discouraged by a version not working is never the way it just doesn’t take that as a version of how not to do it not as confirmation that it’s a lost cause. If someone like Marvin Hagler had said I can’t do this then the step through hook and other wonderful switch steps would not have been done at high-level boxing like he did, which then don’t transfer over to kickboxing and then into MMA thus neo-foot doesn’t happen. So keep creating that’s the ART in MARTIAL ARTS.

-Respect OSS to the Spider Anderson Silva AOC outta here


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