Stay Quading

Quad Power


Let’s start with this the ideal frame in fighting is a slender and toned upper body from the abs up to the chest with a lot of focus on the shoulders and back. Lower body wise muscular calves and borderline bulging quad while having flexible and pliable hips knees and ankles. That’s the game mold prototype solid base and a flowing upper body with enough muscle on the arm to catch and deflect punches, not kicks, of course, those you just move from, the quads need to be big so catching kicks on the quad aren’t so devastating and the power you generate with a loosey-goosey hip and a powerful leg is world beating. Speed is power and power and speed is career changing now for the fun part below.

This is a return to the workout part of this website. The idea is to get people in optimum life shape and fighting camp shape. So be on the lookout for that moving forward. Okay, so the quads are the most overlooked muscle most times because it’s hard to train. The legs feed the wolf is a line from Miracle and it’s very true, why because fluidity is fun but you need the foundation to do so. Look at Benson, Rumble, Mighty Mouse, Conor, Sponge, Woodley, Hagler, Tyson, every wrestler ever, etc. All of them are strong if not dominate in the quads like Tyson and Benson and now Jon Jones, driving power the ability to kick slide and move in all planes and directions with explosion and steady fencing movements. The issue is people aren’t training the quad the correct way everyone wants to do leg extensions which are cool but the better movement is the front squat with an elevated heel. The path that the bar tacks but all the strain on the quad and the real weight are all being regulated by the core and legs versus a machine where you’re going one direction balance and drive is what increases the muscularity and flexibility of the quad muscle.

Okay so above we have the front squat and back squat, the first move is a front squat which you see a relatively straight back and the knees and shin moves forward. The opposite is the back squat the shin is straight and the back takes a hard forward angle.


Here’s a link to barbell shrugged explaining the difference between hip dominant and quad dominant.     

-AOC Otta  here later folks


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