Spider vs the Count

Anderson Silva vs Micheal Bisping

 Anderson_Silva_Highlights_The_Spiders_Return MICHAEL_THE_COUNT_BISPING_HIGHLIGHTS_2015

Okay, so this weekend is the biggest UFC Fight Pass to date the UFC will see a spike in subscription purchases on fight pass because of Glory the new K1 library  the huge library of classic MMA and new age MMA fights, and most important the Silva vs Bisping card on Fight Pass. This fight is very important for the middleweight division because if Micheal wins it rockets him back up to the top where he was before Rockhold slapped him with that question mark kick (link right here) and it gets him closer to the title shot he’s never had. If Anderson wins depending if he’s just screwing with the media it sets him up for a run through the division to fight either Chris or Luke, more likely Luke for the middleweight championship again before he ends his career. Anyone that thinks Anderson is not a threat or that Bisping isn’t a threat is so confused and misinformed it would be fun to see their opinion on the division as a whole.

All that being said there are a lot of X-factors that need to be accounted starting with emotions. Emotionally Bisping loves fighting angry he wins and loses that way, but being angry or having any emotion against Anderson has historically been a bad idea and this may another case of that. Number 2 is Anderson age he’s 40 has he reached the end we will find out he’s changed up his training to accommodate that age but Bisping is still younger and that may play a big factor.  Number 3 is Micheal’s left eye, because of TRT Vitor Bisping has a permanently damaged left eye because he’s an orthodox fighter where Anderson is a southpaw that could play a part in this fight just like it did in the Luke Rockhold fight. Number 4 is the styles here Anderson does his best aginst aggressive sloppy or just basic strikers who just want to try and smother him that almost Micheal Bisping in a bottle the issue is Micheal has ridiculous cardio and can keep throwing were others would gas out he will still be throwing, so the question becomes who gets caught first Bisping from being to open and not technical on his strikes or Anderson who loves to find the mistake and exploit said mistake. Lastly is the KO power of both guys or lack thereof, Bisping has notoriously been the guy at 185lbs that can TKO anyone but he can never put anyone away with one shot like a Weidman, Rockhold, Hall, Gegard, Jaquera, etc. On the other side of that is Anderson who’s been knocking dudes dead since Pride, Cage Rage, and into the UFC this maybe the biggest deal because it only take one with Anderson and if you don’t see it coming that could spell big trouble for Mike. Breakdown on how I see it playing out for both guys is below.

Okay, so how I see it playing out for both guys is pretty simple and short either classic Anderson or classic Bisping. Either Silva intercepts Bisping when he over commits on one of his wild flurries or Mike catches him for every round and gets the UD or TKO that’s about it. I love Anderson he was my biggest inspiration growing up when he was in Pride and in Cage Rage so I hope he wins and retires after this bout. That being said I’m rollin with Silva by TKO or Decision.


-That’s it folks AOC is Otta here later



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