If Mini Mendes Did It For 2, Can Khabib Go Forever!


As everyone knows now the RDA Conor fight is scratched and looking for a late notice for Conor to fight with at 196, because Holly is a star but she’s not pulling those Conor greenbacks. Now if we look at the rankings the real number one contender is the last guy to beat RDA. That person would be Khabib “War Eagle” Nurmagomedov the undefeated number 2 guy who just like D Cruz has been plagued by knee problems after a hard life of Combat Sambo and MMA at AKA. He’s my go-to guy because it’s what’s fair he is head and shoulders above everyone grappling and scares everyone but T-Ferg at 155. When nobody wants to fight you and you’re a stoic and funny Russian hitman the company doesn’t necessarily want you to light the golden pony on fire.


Conor says he will fight anyone but Dana doesn’t want that after his interview on yahoo radio where he goes in on all the fighters that called Conor out before the RDA fight was announced but now that all of them either signed for fights or got hurt in camp he wants to tarnish all of them like Frankie Edgar the company man that has done everything for the company. Now the only thing that the MMA mainstream media wants to talk about is a short notice Cowboy or Nate Diaz which os laughable in my mind there just setting Conor up for a home run. Why do I feel like this, well simply because Cowboy would have to cut in 2 weeks allah Chad Mendes and Nate Diaz isn’t in camp and wants a catchweight at 165….laugable like I said. So again Khabib is already in camp for his fight against T-Ferg and as much as I like that fight this one without an interim belt is a super bout because Khabib has already done to RFA what RDA did to Benson Pettis and Cowboy. Plus it’s an easy sell have DC on Fox pump his little brother done the throat of the mainstream like Faber and TJ did Chad, it’s eerily similar to those events.

 UFC_196_Free_Fight_Conor_McGregor_vs_Chad_Mendes (2) Khabib_Nurmagomedov_vs_Pat_Healy_vine_by_kanat

If mini Mendes could control take down and bust open Conor so can Khabib and this ain’t your normal white guy like Joe Rogan says, this is “Russian” hard competition breed Master of Sport in Combat Sambo AKA built bear wrestling terror at 155. It’s not if but when he wants to take Conor down and smash him let him up and do it again like he’s literally done over again. So the master of sport in sambo… “say man” who else had that pedigree in MMA, oh yeah FEDOR. Sambo is if not the best base for MMA it’s right next to wrestling and now kickboxing (thanks to Wonderboy for stealing Hendricks soul). So when he gets it to the mat after shooting the most technical double outside of an Olympic wrestler maybe, because honesty he’s as good as Yoel Romero. Khabib shoots and if Conor starts attacking off the bottom and arm gets snatched and broken. Khabib like RDA and unlike Chad is a high-level submission artist go watch his sambo matches and make your own opinion but some of the best armbars ever were done by Sambo players Fedor to Randleman R.I.Power Brother, Khabib, Rustlan etc. But what if Conor kicks him like Mendes, easy Sambo guys basically brought over the beginnings of this crazy leglock and ankle lock game you see in BJJ, and hell he runs a single into a double or takes the knee pick because that’s what he does to everyone who throws a kick. Then when the hesitation on the kick comes in power double pass to half smash, pass to mount smash, knee in elbow, pass to crucifix end the fight. That’s been Khabibs game since he was strangling baby bears. Can Conor when yes he’s got DEATH IN THE LEFT, I just don’t know because Russians and those hard living ancestral people seem to be able to take otherworldly punishment allah Ruslan Provodnikov, GGG, and Kovalev in that squared circle all have taken bombs and smiled before dropping their own nuclear bombs. Khabibs got the chin but can he make it to the match is the question.


I think he beats Conor because unlock Mendes and even better than RDA he will put Conor on his back the PASS and smash like BJ, GSP, Rickson Gracie, Fedor, Randleman, Renzo Gracie, Ryan Gracie. Khabib is what the grappling scene has been waiting for a guy that catches a kick or just shoots and gets the body lock or takedown every time with wild man striking his submissions are clean his ground and pound is smooth clean and old skool, the takedowns are so technical you would think he’s a judo player or a D1 All-American, all of this is according to his families credentials DCs opinion of the guy, Luke Rockhold’s own experience grappling live with him and having to actually work or risk getting caught and Cains opinion of the kid. So if the UFC really wants to be fair or lets just say not gave Conor a T-Ball to smash to be the equivalent to Kimbo vs Dada then Khabib is the no brainer but alas that won’t happen according to @TeamWareagle’s twitter post and I quote “UFC does not want me to fight Connor because they said the time I fought was 2 thousand years ago and I fought Bears!!!”.


So my hopes have been dashed and the only people in the running at this point are Pettis if he’s healthy after that Alverez shellacking but whatever Cowboy who just tapped the Brazilian Cowboy at 170 if he can cut to 155 in 2 weeks uh doubt he will be healthy but whatever, and lastly Nate Diaz for trash talking spectacular in the lead up to a less than stellar fight for Nate who wants a catch bout at 165. That’s the game don’t have to like it but the name of the game is money vs ability just ask CM Punk about that one, sips tea.


-AOC is Otta here, I’ll be on Twitter Waiting for news and writing up pieces for Cowboy, Pettis, Faber god helped me.


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