Conor “Da Irish Dragon” Bruce Lee

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I just had a eureka moment while watching my favorite Bruce Lee biopic “I Am Bruce Lee” love it. Something that I forgot about and something I only introduce to people once they are in the pro realm with the abilities is a lot of the Bruce Lee techniques that people always seem to neglect or not give the right respect. A lot of it is an idealistic response to set movements it’s your classic if I do this then this then this your dead kind of bs Gung Fu youtube snake oil nonsense. However, Bruce wasn’t about Gung Fu he was about JKD and the merging between reality and classical techniques redefined with more practical and fluid refinements think keeping it simple the opposite of that last thought I typed. I had always known that the Jackson Camps  Oblique kick to the lead leg was a tribute t o the effectiveness of Bruce’s ideas the new wave of talent is taking it even further there standing bladed and wide giving up that lead leg which classically gets chewed up by Thai style and Dutch kickboxers. The new wave doesn’t care anymore they have heard enough of the knows from their coaching staff but they found a work around the lead leg side kick and reacting first rather than second after getting leg kicked. Now that this technically makes sense what else is there to talk about well who do we know that really brought this idea of intercepting movement back to MMA?

I_Am_Bruce_Lee_Documentary UFC_196_Free_Fight_Conor_McGregor_vs_Chad_Mendes

Easy Conor McGregor, the new Bruce Lee or, at least, the offspring of his deeper teachings. Since Conor takes from anything that progresses his knowledge on movement and on how to starch someone out while taking the least amount of damage you have to acknowledge that he’s moving a lot like a Bruce Lee character in and out to force the reaction with a long kick and the catching people moving in. So why does this make sense now well because as much as Bruce preached understanding boxing and fencing rarely do any traditional martial artist venture out of their comfort zone so with this glory era of Martial Arts that we have been privy to since 93, eventually we were going to come back to the traditional arts and to the art built on the foundation of those traditional arts no matter how obscure they be in this case the Way of the Intercepting Fist. 

I_Am_Bruce_Lee_Documentary (1) The_Notorious_Conor_McGregor_vs_Jose_Aldo_Junior_Champion_Full_Fight

Fighting style out of the way we also see it in Conors view of his body, he does the classic Bruce training rarely any weights other than to squat with tons of plyo work, quality mobility training, good morning stretches with barbells, and movement work with Ido Portal. If this doesn’t scream it in your face then you’re not truly a practice of the art nor are you that big of a fan. All he has to do now is make a classic fight film with minimal dialogue and just pure combat scenes, it’s going to be a joy to watch him post-defeat or victory to see which direction he goes from here.   


-My Salutations Good People, AOC OUT


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