Balance Works Both Ways

“BE” it offense or defense or neutrality balance is needed to succeed in your movements. Just like in every other art form balance is necessary for life and in practice. Balance is an easy concept to grasp of offense even from a high level such as a smooth pull counter the idea of staying coiled in the legs pulling back on a lean creating a mirage of distance, and then coming back with a straight 2 from the legs is all reliant on your balance. Winning with offense is all about forcing your target out of position to land while they are off balance. Simple enough to understand, now the weird part of this combat thing is the idea of balance in defense people think as long as you move away or cover up when a shot is thrown they have quality defense and this is NOT TRUE. That’s what we’ll be delving into today.

GLORY_25_Milan_Giorgio_Petrosyan_vs_Josh_Jauncey_Co_Headline_Event (1)

The idea of striking to defend is an old idea that people kind of stopped playing with after Bruce Lee passed away he was a huge proponent for nonpassive defense to reach him you must come to him and to come to him means to be open for a sidekick to the body leg or etc. Now the more refined idea of this is at the forefront under the watchful eyes of the few great guru trainers out there thanks to the UFC we have seen what works and doesn’t work and that’s the reality of the situation. Coming back down, Firas has done a video on the frame a technique that blocks with a punching motion and mixes in classic boxing and PKA blocks. The guys at tri star aren’t the only folks in combat world playing with this idea and in fact, it’s been around a long time. Look at George Foreman’s classic high forearm block while he would walk guys down with a  squared stance jab. Look at Mayweather force an uppercut from Cotto by framing him up with both arms in play before pulling off for a counter down the middle. But of course, the more modern application is with GSP and Rory McDonald. They both frame very well and it shows because both guys rarely take hellish damage cough cough that Lawler 2 fight notwithstanding. My favorite framer is Giorgio Petrosyan when he is in the process of feeling out his target, he does it to figure out the distance and timing of an opponent’s entry so he can switch to instead framing to do a pull counter or catch return off a hook.

Muay_Thai_Frame_Defense_Firas_Zahabi.gif Muay_Thai_Frame_Defense_Firas_Zahabi (1).gif
This is how Firhas breaks down a frame. Personally, I think this is the best way to frame and it should be everyone’s base before you tweak is to make it your own you should understand the basics of this movement. You can frame with the punch or do it with a pushing kick like a sidekick teep front kick step knee. Above is one of my favorite examples of it, we have Giorgio taking a iconic and classic Thai stance foot flat knee up high lead hand out rear hand up answering the phone it was perfect, and then he time’s Josh Jauncey entrance and throws the push kick right on the spot to force Josh off balance and stumbling back another King of this is Lerdsila the Eel of Phuket Top Team formerly of Jocky Gym in Thailand. You can frame basically everything knees elbows punches kicks everything comprehend, who says Muay Thai isn’t technical.


-Later Folks and Family


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