The Curse Of Mayweather


Credit for the lyrics



Okay, so this guy tried dissing the guy talking about real issues on the Grammys, that aside from a social standpoint he came out his mouth talking stabs a Ronda Rousey losing to Holly Holm. Yes, Ronda lost yes she was selling the fight at the weigh-in that was clear but unlike every other sport or artist endeavor you’re not training and preparing to engage in a pursuit that’s a game of you kill me as I try to kill you. Jay Electronic named this track curse of Mayweather question mark never referenced Mayweather directly just dropped subtle Abrahamic religious overtones and called Kendrick a gnome clever I guess. Instead of being direct with everyone else he came at Ronda Rousey as an example I guess but sounded like shade and taking stabs similar to what Lady Gaga and Donald trump decided to do. My larger issue with this track aside from the terrible production and lack of cohesiveness aside from the subtle stuff it’s laced with, it’s that this guy had the audacity to shoot at a fighter. If you aren’t a fighter or fighting or training you have no credentials to even make comparisons to what Ronda was doing, why because hyping a fight and having real ill will like for I don’t know sleeping with you friends wife (sips tea) are too different things completely. Mind games are a part of the fighting art of war and the GOAT Ali prove that. However he came at a fighter, not a rapper not another artist a Martial Artist, the person doing the most dangerous pursuit in the world, who wasn’t hiding an affair with a so-called friends wife, or saying they have an album coming out but never dropping it and running off to the UK. Nope, she’s the one practicing the art of absolute truths with no grey areas by fighting, she’s not living in the muck of ego because once you step into your ego as a fighter you never get to the fight because you get eaten alive in the gym.

Jay can head over the Mayweather boxing club hope in the ring with some killers and get ran through so he understands that Mayweather has no curse or he can hit a BJJ academy like Roger Gracies in London and get choked by an up and coming Ronda Rousey. Am I pissed, yes and you can bet that Ronda’s team and Travis Browne ( soul shivers) would like nothing more than to humble this fool in the cage with a nice leg kick and submission like Aldo did Faber and like Luke did Bisping. He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life, take Ali’s words seriously. That’s it rant over I’ll be in the gym kicking the hell out of a bag for awhile and congrats to Kendrick Lamar.


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