Robin Black SAID IT BEST



It’s not a matter of teaching Ronda to box and kickbox it’s teaching her how to not make it about that in the cage. There is still a level of understanding of boxing and kickboxing but the thing that makes it not about that was her judo. Ronda tried to use the judo, Holly made it not about the grappling by stopping her from even stepping in to even think about catching the collar tie. Wink and Jackson made Holly’s game plan, not about the judo she nullified it with the standard 1,2 straight 2 and 3 while turning out when Ronda would just dart in she was stopped the armbar from being set up and just stood up and she took Ronda down with the wrestling double leg. The wrestling is what makes striking not matter if you don’t have the time to close the gap in relative skill in that department you have to work on the area that makes it not about whatever. Hendricks vs Wonderboy is a case of that same theory Big Rigg is a better wrestler then Wonderboy so Wonderboy trains with Weidman someone of the same level of Hendricks so he can learn to deal with the wrestling and then get it back to where he wants it by not engaging in the wrestler. So it’s about identifying the strength delving into it but sharpening your tool that makes it not about that.
So what is it that makes it not about the striking for Ronda well it’s for damn sure not the judo it’s the wrestling. The issue is that Holly is learning better wrestling she’s better at wrestling and not plagued by injuries. Now the gap isn’t as wide and she won’t take as much damage if she goes the route of the wrestler but because of injuries bad knees and a suspect camp she isn’t hearing this. The only people that should be and probably are telling her this are her mother the bad mofo that she is Dr. AnnMaria De Mars and Travis Browne who works with Ricky Lundell. Ricky could take her and teach her that funky wrestling he has people doing. Again because of the lack of mobility she has, and the lack of coordination that she shows makes me think the gap is so wide that had she started wrestling at a high level maybe while she was in Strikeforce then the last fight and this rant would be different. What we are truly seeing is the same downfall as Anderson Silva a complete collapse of a great one while the new standard takes the mountain top. The new breed in women’s fighting is here the newest generation is at the forefront now JJ, Claudia, Rose, Holly, Valentina, etc. these are the new breed champions of striking that have been doing BJJ for years and wrestling with the best in the world and learning from coaches that see the holes in everyone. This is not a knock but something that needs to be said, what really made me think of the jump that Holly has Ronda’s number is that Ronda has been a one trick pony and when you show the world enough times your game and lack of game everywhere else a coaching staff that has been in the game and reinventing it with the greatest fighters of all time will see every one of you weaknesses. You can’t just make a squad with all reputable coaches outside of your main coach who say that nobody can kick you when in reality anyone can hit you. Ronda needs a complete overhaul and maybe a year and a half of just training with a Jackson like team be it in Canada at Tri or Matt Hume or with the Blackzilians to learn some dutch kickboxing from a master dutchmen. Can she and will she is the question at hand and from the fight related answers she gave Ellen I have doubts she’s looking at the reality of what happened and a similar result will be had if she does not change in the rematch.


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