Backyard Brawler vs Semi Pro



This is really ridiculous when I break it down in my mind, just fathoming this match up makes my mind hurt. Kimbo Slice is going to compete against Dada 5000 in a sanctioned MMA bout, how do you like that ah shuckie duckie. Okay, so how does this breakdown well that’s anybody’s guess I suppose, Kimbos got skill and power but very little grappling but more than enough to take out Dada. On the B-Side of the album we have Dada who I have seen the fight but I’m not that impressed by anything other than his heart and punching power that may be shocking or it could be all hood mythology. I’ve got no idea who wins this match-up but honestly it falls one way on paper and that’s towards Kimbo but if it’s a work then Dada wins watch carefully for any of what Joe Rogan calls f#@&ery going on. You have to side with the guy with more legit professional experience when you talk about this person fighting against a guy with 2 amateur fights. So how does it all break down, well it’s not too complicated in all honest whatever, though?


So the breakdown is this Kimbo throw’s like he always does with some bombs and Dada does the same. If Kimbo sees it going south before it does then he clinches with Dada or waits for the cardio to drain out. If Kimbo can he will use the tricks he has that Dada as an amateur’s doesn’t have, to either get him down he frames Dada up in the scramble out of the clinch and drops one on Dada that starts the downhill roll. Or Kimbo stays in the slugfest with Dada for however long before Dada realizes he’s going to gas out and drops one on Kimbo if his power myth holds true he put Kimbo out. Okay, that’s it the highest percentage paths to victory for both guys in this match-up for sure. That’s how I see it and again I have little interest in this bout so I’ll take Kimbo for the fun of it all.     


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