Gracie vs Shamrock 3 WTF?




I can’t believe I’m doing this, okay whatever I’ll do it. BJJ vs Wrestling Royce needs to take down Ken down find his neck before Ken tries to take Royce down and punch him into dust. That’s it, that’s all that matters place your money on whichever old guy you think can last to beat the other old guy. Okay really I don’t really care about who wins this one but I”ll break down some facts real quick and I mean quick.


Royce is training at The Yard with Joe Schilling for what reason Royce thinks he can learn high level kickboxing in one camp after shunning the art for his entire career when he was young is beyond me but again sips tea does this little froggy. Royce is training with Royler which is good since Royler is the better of the two training with Rener and Ryron is kind of off the table after talking wild about those nephews and Kron for that matter again sips tea. The games changed a lot and I beat Royce is aware of it but he’s been notoriously against the evolution of the BJJ world note his beef with Eddie Bravo as one sided as it may be, you guessed it “sips tea”. So Royce is getting rudimentary with his striking basics because Jiu Jitsu is all you need according to him, his basics on the ground are just as good as they have always been he’s no Rickson but damn it he’s still good in the cage at choking fools.

Okay so for Ken he’s training for what he does best old skool bull dogging MMA tactics, bigger faster stronger wrestling to put them on the ground and pound whatever is on the bottom into dust. As much as he and Tito hate each other they do the same thing so it’s just going to be that shoot or try to shoot with his knees no easy task, shoot pass guard and pound from side control like Jon Jones or mount or hell pound from half guard.


That’s it that’s the fight for both guys who really cares who wins only their nuclear families and themselves because I for sure could care less. I guess I’ve got Ken winning but with these guys combined age over 100 one jab could ruin somebodies day.
-Later Folks and Family


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