Check out that a Gatorade Machine, but really 24-7 is so Dope


Let me start off by saying, today was a good day that will be my song of the day. Alright now, why is today so good that Curtis MAyfeild is needed, well I’m gonna let you know in time. If you live or spend time semester to semester in the Athen Ohio area this is going to be some very important information if you have any type of interest in your fitness, health and wellness, or lifestyle. Today I met up with the owners of 24-7 Lifestyle Boutique (check them out at on Stimpson an already successful clothing and lifestyle brand that’s expanding with a large-scale operation in a high traffic area of the Athens community. By large scale, I mean BIG like bigger then Biggie Big Pun and Heavy D  big, RIP. Personal measuring tools out of the way, this space is magnificent like every prospective gym owner or gym members dream. They are still in the renovation stages and meet today with me today to discuss or rather understand my vision for teaching MMA, Dutch Kickboxing, and Grappling in one of the spaces ( did I mention how huge this place was). Imagine that a real modern gym type space, with your lifting equipment your cardio station your MMA Kickboxing and Grappling section. Come on that’s only found in an MMA super gyms like ATT, AKA, The Blackzilians Camp, the old Pit. Add on top that you only get that kind of space with quality atmosphere gym at those premier Gyms and Crossfit Boxes. Like the title says Athens is about to be so lit.


So I told them about the sponsors I’m trying secure and have already secured and my partner and I’s plan to expand shortly. If you need more reasons to excited the space is so professionally put together the front retail space looks like a Soho or Bay Area boutique location and the gym space looks like something out of one of the most high-end CrossFit facilities, nothings half-baked here folks. Speaking of the retail end of things my former fashion industry mind came out when I saw the quality apparel. Then I saw the in-house screen printing area (you had me at in-house) I heard the business plan for a separate athletic brand line, key word there is separate the right way to do it if you already have a successful clothing line you separate them for the uninformed out there. This space blew my mind, to keep everything real here I had a dumbfounded moment because I was really thinking why would they need me. They have all the logistics done, all that’s needed now is some more paint and flooring then slap on an opening date and puff successful business. I’m not about to question why at this point I’m just happy to be considered by people that get that business is all about quality, and quality this business is.

Again If you’re an Athens resident for the year or only part of the year it doesn’t matter soon and I mean very soon Ping won’t be your only option for a workout. If you’re like me and hate having to make the journey out of Athen to get a good MMA, Boxing, or Kickboxing workout in soon that won’t be an issue, because this location will be the biggest and best combat sports location in the area. It’s the only one of its kind and I can’t wait to get work making it happen for real.


-Later Folks and Family


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