209 Stockton Mutha F&@ker




So now I’m back on my bullshit folks, and my revival post is on this fun little dutch special I have my beginners with some kicking experiencing. By throwing this to set up the ending of the fight by freaking out the opponent and setting them up for death by a body shot you over loud the mind. It’s a lot of switching stance and switching back stances moving backwards and countering with a lead cross from a shorter elevation. Then once you appear to overextend you lean back and to the outside like a backwards L and throw an over the top roundhouse on the lead leg. Why do this well because both strikes are on different plans from each other nobody throws high head kicks off a crotched straight punch but you can do it fairly easily if you intentionally overextend yourself off the two by gauging the length and angles during your switch switch stance change while moving back you can gauge how far away your target is before throwing the punch. Just a point to clarify you can land if you overextend on a straight punch but usually only from a crotch and with a straight punch, but it’s the counter after you land that makes this less the efficient when you’re wide open and out of position unless you have developed a what seems like awkward movement but in all reality this kick makes a ton of sense. It’s the Bas method or the dutch method I touch the body hard target drops hand to protect body head is now open for the shot they don’t see coming. So the kick they don’t see coming and the punch alarmed the target so they drop their hands and you’re leaning back moving across their body to planted legs direction and coming with the CroCop over the outside shoulder where you will land either on the chin neck head or all of the above with the shin. So what are the steps, well you’re in luck I’ve got you covered below.


Backward counter 2, High 9

  1. Feint the lead switch stance taking a step back and pivoting to the opposite stance watch their reaction, take a step backwards and pivot to the outside angle of your opponent.
  2. In the switch pivot drop the 2 on the body or chest by shooting forward from the back and lead foot.
  3. Then pull back and cut across for the outside 9.
  4. Your direction needs to be CUTTING ACROSS closely to the target being aware of the counter hook you’re moving into.
  5. Pick that lead leg up that you planted on while throwing that 2, come over the shoulder so they don’t see the shot coming all they should see is your head getting lower and lower (why, because they aren’t able to really react because of how fast this is happening and how slowly in comparison depth perception of how a fairly small object is computed in the mind).

*The other shot you can land out of this is any type of lead leg kick anything low outside 9 9 to the body or whatever you feel maybe a knee t a clinch or a sweep etc.

*To really understand the backwards movement look at Neiky Holzken doing it on the pads with Jeff Mayweather.


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