Merican Freak Show AKA Spike TV



Last weekend was a display of technical brilliance or what I call playing Jazz, being so far ahead technically and living in the loose body mechanics and mental flow state. Think about Ali, Giorgio Petrosyan, Mayweather, Marcelo Garcia, and Rickson Gracie in some of their best fights. Wonderboy put on a master piece he was Miles Davis in the studio recording Birth of the Cool, it was genius and it put everyone who is old skool in there striking on notice that the game’s about to get really weird, and if you are like Ellenberger and laugh at Karate or PKA traditional styles then you’re in for a rude awakening. Put oh we are in luck it’s not just gonna be technical brilliance from here out because Scott Coker is a genius, yeah thats right I said it the man is smart as hell. I will explain that later, but just know two worlds can exist simultaneously without issue. We can all be friends unless you’re Benson Henderson then everyone wants to throw shade or at least one person does I guess.


Alrighty so Scott is smart as hell, why because even though everyone talks crazy about the Japanese Freak Show we still watch them and love them so Scott is doing a brilliant move he’s bringing the freak show to American shores again (might I remind you of UFC 1 through 5). Dada 5000 vs Kimbo Slice freakshow numero uno, why because one guy has some skill in the cage while the other is a hood legend that puts on backyard brawls for the community. Some skill against no skill still ends badly, then you have to old guys fighting for a third time with a combined age passing 100 come on what are we doing. If that was all the card was it would be an issue but Scott is smart, the only reason that those two fights are going to happen is because it brings eyes to Bellators new breed of fighters that train side by side with the UFC new breed of fighters. It’s no longer Bellator fighters training at no name spots, nope two of their best Champions Will Brooks and Daniel Strauss both train at American Top Team, alongside the likes of Robbie Lawler and Tyrone Woodley and an army of new breed of Mixed Martial Artist. However Scott knows that no one would be watching if it was just UFC level  prospects fighting on Spike most folks will just tune into the UFC if that’s the case, nop e you need a gimmick or something to draw in the casual fans and old school fans in. Insert Freak Show, Japan perfected the freak show and Scott sees why it worked because oddities connect somewhere in the human mind and we get pulled into the entertainment factor of it, by doing that your giving you real fighters or the guys you’re banking on that didn’t fight in the UFC a huge audience that will turn into Bellator fans. Scotts combining two models a Strikeforce model by going full force at free agents with more money then the UFC is willing to pay, even if you’re a former champion or guy that takes late notice fights at 170 but whatever Scotts picking those guys up. Next is the Pride FC model of oddities for the sake of bringing eyes to the promotion that’s covered by two internet and backyard brawling stars fighting  and Gracie vs Shamrock 3 in 2016. Again Scott is a genius and Bellator is gonna start trouble I can feel it in my bones.

-Later Folks and Family



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