Wonderboy and Rogans Perfect Form

Because of the hilarity that ensued on the Rogan Podcast last night with Callen wearing Barbell Jeans and Joe teaching Callen how to properly throw a sidekick. That being said I also am posting this because Wonder Boy and Joe throw the kick the same way and are two of the best at it go figure.




The most famous traditional kick ever in my opinion and the kick used the most but done incorrectly as well. It’s proven by guys like Super Foot Wallace and Joe Louis both had a javelin like side-kick. As Bruce Lee would probably attest too it’s a kick that is built in defense and devastating offensively. If you take one clean it puts you down, if you block one it still pushes you back and hurts a ton, dodge it the thrower is still out of range and is safe because the guard and stance has not changed. It’s a great tool to have and with guys like Wonderboy Thompson, Jon Jones, Sage Northcutt, Urijah Hall, Jimmo, and Conor McGregor showing how devastating this kick is in any variation proves its usefulness in the modern era of combat.

So Get Busy and Start, Kickin IT

  1.       Begin by getting a comfortable wide base.
  2.       Take a fighting stance then begin the kick by bringing the kicking knee straight up.
  3. Now here the difficult part keeping the leg straight drive the foot out (keeping your foot flat)      
  4. Avoid allowing knee to drop down, this forces the leg to shoot upwards instead of straight out (this is usually from a lack of flexibility so if that’s the case work on that).
  5.       Knee up high then twist non-kicking foot in the direction your chest is facing. Full extension on the twist and stay straight are the only thoughts that need to be in your mind.

A variation of this kick is the turning side kick if you prefer.

Turning Side Kick

  1.       Start with the turn
  2.       Pull shoulder like you’re starting a lawn mower.
  3.       Turn your head to look at the target with legs planted.
  4.       Turn the heels to the opponent, then extend with proper side kicking fundamentals.

The best video for understanding the real way to do this is from the Powerful Joe Rogan Powerful Joe Rogan Sidekicking Stuff. Check out that Joe Rogan and Duane “Bang” Ludwig kicking stuff for any clarification in movements.

Getting  flashy but in reality there’s substance to these so called flashy kicks. We know this to be true because in the modern era guys are landing these kicks with surprising frequency because the more you drill the better you get and the more second nature the movement becomes I mean you didn’t just get good at  the jab you’ve got a ton of reps because that’s the first thing you learn in striking so treat these movements the same way and you’ll be good.


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