Just Stop It


Okay to start I live Russell Simmons. Cool I guess but if we are talking about facts outside of the idea of whats cruel, and what’s not. Any argument you make against eating meat is ended by a play most pro vegan people use against non vegans. The idea that you can get huge as a vegan because a gorilla can is completely idiotic and ignorance on a gentics stand point. You and a gorrilla (chimps are the closet to us and guess what they eat meat all the time monkeys get jacked by chimps in the wild all the time) ox elephant bull etc are genetically different then humans they produce different stomch enzymes, and have a totally different way of processing nutrients ummm remember how Cows and Bulls have more stomachs then we do…. so just stop it with that argument if your becoming a vegan because of the cruelty issues then I support that but don’t bring up something as fact that you no idea or business even talking about scientifically speaking.

I just can’t anymore.


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