Holly Ronda 2 More of the Same



On the Holly Ronda rematch I disagree with Robin but agree on everything else. I had Holly winning the first fight to clarify, the Jackson camp plan was to use range to defeat Ronda pep the blog post from a while back before the first fight (https://aockl.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/ronda-vs-holmes-whats-reality-well-2/ ).

The range in which Ronda has little skill at closing even while looking at her previous fights and Judo matches. For Ronda to close in on Holly she has to get past that piston left hand or Leg Kick, Side Kick, Chasse Bas, or footwork. Ronda had no answer for that but getting hit and then going two on one on Holly, but when she got to the takedown Holly would drop he hips lower than Ronda and force her arm in between Ronda hips versus grabbing and wrapping up her back. Holly showed proper Judo defense. Speaking on Judo, the throws occur because a rule set just like kickboxing and boxing there’s a certain rule set that allowed Ramon Dekkers and Mayweather to be so great. Same thing can be said for Judo if nobody is grabbing you around the waist or wrestling you as you try to throw them then the throw has a lower chance of working. Look at it this way GI chokes work in BJJ competition but if you need a Gi grip on your back your 90% of the time going to get ground and pounded from that position if the person you’re facing knows anything. Same thing for Ronda’s judo its no gi which cuts down on what she can do throw wise, next if Rondas knees are as bad as Schaub says then wrestling is out of the question, by looking at how few kicks she throws I have no reason not to believe that bit of insight. Even if Ronda gets her down she only ever threatens with one thing and looking at how skillful Holly was at neutralizing the armbar I believe that Greg Jackson is submerging Holly in the world of submissions. To build her offense not just her defense team Jack and Wink are taking the Allen Belcher approach throwing her in the fire to forge a stronger weapon. So Ronda needs to get better a footwork and that’s best done by striking footwork so she will need to leave Edmond find a Mayweather, Freddie Roach, Teddy Atlas, Ludwig, Hume, Rafael Cordeiro, etc. then she would need to spend 2 years just learning to move until it’s a reflex. Within that timeline her knees get worse Holly gets more fluid with her kickboxing and boxing, not to mention her grappling ability will have sky rocketed just look at Instagram to see her wrestling practice with Jon Jones, Dodson, and Cowboy. Again I usually agree with Robin but o what Ronda needs to do to get better I differ because I see what she’s doing as counter-intuitive to what she needs to do to answer all the questions to the Holly puzzle. The best match up for Holly are the wrestlers in her division that ant to get in on her hips versus getting in on a collar tie coming right at her with no variation in elevation or footwork. This rematch will be what Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn has been a great fighter versus a greater fighter who has their number in every area.


Later Folks and Family


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