Bendo Made the Move

Ultimate_Benson_Henderson_Highlight_2013 (1)


A great man made the jump to Bellator there was no controversy at all in his move. Benson Henderson my little brothers favorite fighter is now contracted to the Bellator Promotion which isn’t just good for Bellator, it’s good for Rizin so they can venture into the Korean Market. Like Joe Rogan has said on twitter “fighters have a small window to make that paper. They should choose wisely but ultimately they’re going to go where the $ is.” That is the real truth nobody wants to talk about some people within the MMA world love to talk wild about Bellator, the issue is they have legit fighters but you wouldn’t watch them unless they promoted the real good fights behind the freak shows. Who’s watching Will Brooks vs Marcin Held or Daniel Straus vs Pitbull, are you really an MMA fan then why is Michael Chandler or Venom Page the only competitive fighters from Bellator you know about FAM? So back to Benson if that offer didn’t make the UFC budge in negotiations then jump ship to Bellator island make those dollars and take that strap at 170 and 155.

-Later Folks and Family


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